The most numerous section of the Folklore Ensemble “Nikola Tesla” has nourished, since the very beginning, the vivid folklore of our region.
Through a rich repertoire, harmonious motions and lively rhythms of the folk dances of Serbia and former Yugoslavia, the young dancers of the Ensemble have gotten ovations and gained sympathy in numerous performances. During the visits in many countries, the Folklore Ensemble has represented the rich cultural heritage of our people, while the dancers have brought back many acknowledgments and finest impressions.

The Folklore ensemble has the following choreographies in its repertoire:

  • Dances from Šumadija
  • Jelašnica (dances from the region of Niš)
  • Dances from Banat
  • Bunjevci's dances
  • Vlachs' dances
  • Shopi's dances
  • Dances from the region of Dimitrovgrad
  • Dances from South Serbia
  • Dances from the region of Gnjilane
  • Dances from Macedonia
  • The Komitas
  • Gypsies' dances
  • Dances from Vranje

Every choreography is made using original, traditional costumes and authentical music and dances from the specific regions.