The Ensemble was founded in 1926 in Belgrade, initially as a Singing Ensemble, on a suggestion of a group of employees of the former Department of trams and public lighting.
That same year, the founders sent a letter to the famous scientist from our region – Nikola Tesla, who lived in America, asking for a permission that the Ensemble would take his name. Two months later, this great, world-known scientist replied to the founders that he was remarkably pleased to give his consent. Accompanying his response, Nikola Tesla also sent a conceptual solution for the Ensemble's emblem. For the Ensemble's 10th anniversary Tesla sent an embroidered flag with a spear, which is proudly kept in the Ensemble's quarters to this day.
Gotten the approval, the Ensemble started working more actively in the following years. New sections were founded, new members were joining, and in 1946 the Ensemble “Nikola Tesla” was proclaimed the best in Belgrade.

The Ensemble currently operates within GSP “Belgrade” – the Public Transport Company “Belgrade”, which provides organizational and material conditions for further work.